CS 305j - Introduction to Computing

Information and links for software that will be used in cs 305j:

Class Discussion Group: The TAs, proctors, and instructors will communicate with you frequently using the discussion group.

Java 2, Standard Edition Version 6: If you plan to work at home, you will need to download and install Sun's J2SE Development Kit (JDK) on your machine. Download JDK 6 Update 21. There are more specific installation instructions for linux machines, mac and windows.  The mac link is for version 5, but version 5 will work fine in cs 305j. Hereare more specific installation instructions, from Mike Scott's 307 webpage. Note that if you have a mac,  java is most likely already installed on it, so you only need to install blueJ (if it's an older mac, you may need to download a more recent version of java).

The teaching staff does not support software installation for home use. If you have trouble, post on the class discussion board so that others can offer advice. You are welcome to email the instructor, TAs and proctors, but they may, or may not, be able to help with your specific issue.

BlueJ: BlueJ is an easy to use interactive development environment (IDE). Download and install BlueJ (after you've installed the JDK!) if you intend to work at home.

Graphics: You will need DrawingPanel.java to complete the graphics assignments.

Turnin Program: Use this program to turn in assignments to your folder on the microlab server. Turnin is web-based, so you can run it anywhere, not just from the microlab. Access the turnin program here: http://turnin.microlab.cs.utexas.edu/turnin.