Lab 5 - CS 313e
Fall 2008
Due Friday, October 24, 2008 at 11 pm

Goal: More practice with file processing and arrays

For this project, you will write a program that takes two filenames on the command line. The first file will contain a word search puzzle grid, and the second file will contain the words you must find in the grid.

The first line in file 1 will be the number of rows and columns in the grid. The rest of the lines will be rows of letters, separated by blank space. Here is an example file:

5 6
a f e  i o p
h e l  l o s
e a p e t r
r a t  t r a
e i o  o p s

The second file will contain the words you must search for, one per line. For example:


If the words in the second file appear in the grid, they will either appear in a horizontal or vertical line.

For each word in the second file, you must print either the row and column of its' first character in the grid, or "word not found" if the word does not appear in the grid. For the example files above, the output to the screen would be:

oops: row 4, column 2
ape: row 2, column 1
hello: row 1, column 0
here: row 1, column 0
cantaloupe: word not found

If a word appears more than once, you can identify any occurrence. You do not need to find all occurrences.

You will be graded on:

Submit your file by 9 pm on the due date.