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Publications and Project Pages

Accelerating Evolution via Egalitarian Social Learning (2012) Wesley Tansey, Eliana Feasley, and Risto Miikkulainen
Multiagent Learning through Neuroevolution (2012) Risto Miikkulainen, Eliana Feasley, Leif Johnson, Igor Karpov, Padmini Rajagopalan, Aditya Rawal, and Wesley Tansey.
Playing to Program: Towards an Intelligent Programming Tutor for RUR-PLE (2011) Marie desJardins, Amy Ciavolino, Robert Deloatch, and Eliana Feasley. Project Page


I'm a PhD student at UT Austin fascinated by and passionate about intelligent tutoring systems and massive open online education. In particular I want to match students with content based on aptitudes and preexisting understanding to target education to maximize student knowledge and engagement - to make learning better and more fun.

I research multiagent learning, neuroevolution, and data mining. In the past I've researched intelligent tutoring systems from both a statistical and a cognitive science perspective. I have a fantasy of one day making a hyperintelligent tutoring system so that everyone's entire education can be superoptimized. I am not discouraged by the fact that this is a classic quasi-dystopian trope .

Social justice and making a broader impact are really important to me, and I want to use empirically - not ideologically - backed tactics to make the world more egalitarian and more prosperous.

I'm currently studying social learning from a computational neuroevolutionary perspective in collaboration with researchers observing hyenas in Africa. I'm a member of GRACS , for which I am the Tea Czar and MC of our awesome talent show, and I organize the Forum for Artificial Intelligence . To contact me (and you should) try one of these:

Various Projects

Visualizing Reddit A sort of fun blog post about structure and substructure of Reddit (and also some other online communities)
Play Deception! We designed and built this game to detect who is lying and who is telling the truth in online interactions. Writeup is here!
W A prototype for Wisprly: Streetview for Audio. Built at a UT hackathon.
I hiked over 600 miles of the Appalachian Trail in the summer of 2012, and you can see some of that here.
Check out my github!
lj In a past life I was a competitive slam poet in Salt Lake City.