Knowledge Assessment:

  • There will be three in-class tests.
  • Each test is closed book and closed notes.
  • Students will be only allowed to bring one page of notes (8.5 by 11 inch sheet), double-sided.
  • Check the tests dates in the class schedule.
  • The solution to the tests will not be provided.
  • The grades of the tests will be posted within one week of the dates of the tests.
  • The grader will not return the test, but will make it available for review during office hours.
  • If you do not return the test, you will receive a zero.
  • There will be regular homework assignments throughout the semester.
  • Assignments will be posted on Canvas on Wednesday and will be due the following Wednesday.
  • Please submit your homework using Canvas' assignments page.
  • Assignments must be submitted as a .pdf files.
  • Handwritten assignments or late submissions will not be accepted.
  • After submitting your assignment, make sure that your submission has been properly uploaded.
  • There will be regular quizzes throughout the semester.
  • We may have more than one quiz per class.
  • Each quiz may cover the material of the previous class and/or the current class.
  • There will be no make up quizzes for any reason.
  • The lowest 4 quizzes scores will be dropped.
Extra Credit A student can earn an additional 2 pt as follows.
  • 1 pt of extra credit for filling out the class evaluation at the end of the term.
  • 1 pt of extra credit for working with a partner to suggest a problem related to the class material and provide its solution.