The Fifth Annual Computer Sciences Kinetoscopic Wonderment Festival


All films which follow the rules will be shown on Friday, April 25th, 2008 at 6pm in the Texas Union Theater, in the Texas Union Building. Awards will be presented that evening as well.


The main and foreign films categories will be judged by a panel of faculty (CS and non-CS), staff and students. The number of judges will depend on the amount of material received.

Categories of awards are:

WE WILL HAVE CASH PRIZES! In addition to this the winners will receive official Computer Sciences Kinetoscopic Wonderment Festival t-shirts and whatever other goodies we can round up by then!

End Results

The winning films will be available for download from this web site. Winners will receive a DVD containing all accepted submissions and we will be happy to make copies of the DVD for anyone who brings a blank, 4x DVD-R after the public screening, details TBA.