Animator UI Tips

Here is a list of useful, but potentially obscure mouse commands for the Animator program. These may come in handy when producing your artifact.

For the curve names subwindow:

For the curve subwindow:

Also, if you are using the departmental Linux machines, ALT + LEFT MOUSE is captured by the windowing system so that animator never sees it, which is annoying. To fix this, open up graphwidget.cpp and search for “FL_ALT.” There should be 3 instances. Replace all 3 instances with one of the following:

Recompile, and you can now use the key you picked rather than ALT. The key you pick will work as a toggle rather than as a hold-and-drag key since they are all members of the “lock” family. It's kind of ugly, but on the other hand it's a quick and simple and comprehensive fix.