I am an Assistant Professor in the Department of Computer Science at UT Austin. My research covers a range of topics in statistical natural language processing, including coreference resolution, entity linking, and syntactic parsing. Taken together, solving these problems lets computers access the information in unstructured text in a structured way. Dealing with something as sophisticated as language requires structured modeling approaches, from probabilistic graphical models to deep neural networks, as well as scalable learning and inference techniques to train those models on large datasets.

Thus far, my work has primarily combined two broad thrusts: first, designing joint models that combine information across different tasks (TACL 2014) or across different aspects of a problem (ACL 2015, ACL 2016), and second, building systems that strike a balance between being linguistically motivated and data driven (EMNLP 2013, ACL 2014). See my research page for more information.

Prior to joining UT Austin, I received my Ph.D. from UC Berkeley in 2016, where I was advised by Dan Klein and part of the Berkeley NLP Group.

Curriculum Vitae