Chi-Kit (George) LAM 林子傑


Key courses studied at UT-Austin
CS383CNumerical Analysis: Linear Algebra
CS386LProgramming Languages
CS388CCombinatorics and Graph Theory
CS388MCommunication Complexity
CS388RRandomized Algorithms
CS395TCoding Theory
CS395TSublinear Algorithms
Key courses studied at HKUST
COMP104HProgramming Fundamentals and Methodology (Honors Study Track)
COMP151HObject-Oriented Programming (Honors Study Track)
COMP170Discrete Mathematical Tools for Computer Science
COMP171HData Structures and Algorithms (Honors Study Track)
COMP180Computer Organization
COMP211HIntroduction to Software Engineering (Honors Study Track)
COMP251Principles of Programming Languages
COMP252Operating Systems
COMP271HDesign and Analysis of Algorithms (Honors Study Track)
COMP272Theory of Computation
COMP361Computer Communication Networks I
COMP522Machine Learning
COMP541Advanced Computer Graphics
COMP5712Introduction to Combinatorial Optimization
COMP573Computational Geometry
COMP581Cryptography and Security
COMP697ZIndependent Studies: RFID Database Management
HUMA192Introduction to Moral Philosophy
ISMT162Introduction to Operations Management
LANG041Latin and the Legacy of the Roman World
MATH023Calculus I
MATH024Calculus II
MATH101Multivariable Calculus
MATH110Concepts in Mathematics
MATH111Linear Algebra
MATH151Differential Equations and Applications
MATH201Introduction to Analysis
MATH301Real Analysis
MATH304Complex Analysis
MATH306Partial Differential Equations
MATH310Game Theory
MATH311Algebra I
MATH312Algebra II
MATH320Euclidean and Non-Euclidean Geometries
MATH398BIndependent Study: Mathematical Analysis of Algorithms
MATH625JEnumerative Combinatorics
PHYS011General Physics I
PHYS121Fundamentals of Physics
PHYS126Introduction to Modern Physics
PHYS234Elementary Quantum Mechanics I
PHYS331Elementary Quantum Mechanics II
SOSC111Science, Technology and Society
SOSC195Introduction to Personality and Social Psychology
SOSC200PHealth Psychology
SOSC221Fundamentals of Social Psychology
SOSC229Introduction to Globalization Studies
SOSC301MPsychology of Gender
Course audited at HKUST
PHYS221Intermediate Classical Mechanics
Courses studied at Cornell
CS4320Introduction to Database Systems
CS4321Practicum in Database Systems
CS4700Foundations of Artificial Intelligence
MATH3210Manifolds and Differential Forms
MATH3320Algebra and Number Theory
MATH4530Introduction to Topology
Language courses completed at HKUST
French I
French II
French III
Spanish I