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      Il Circolo Italiano
      I'm honored to be President of the official UT organization "Il Circolo Italiano". As an organization, we promote Italian Culture here at UT.
      Visit our Facebook Page to know more about our events!
      Here I met several wonderful people, and I have the chance to talk about my culture to non-italian students while learning about theirs.
      Even if food topics (and events) tend to dominate, we also discuss about arts, travel options, and social issues!

      I like to visit places and learn from other people. I had the luck to be able to travel around the world and the US, mainly with my parents.
      In the last years I've been taking lots of pictures with my phone, and I love to retrieve memories every now and then.
      Some countries have been visited for only a day, and I would love to explore more in the future.
      Instead, I spent a great amount of time in three places:
        - Italy: I've lived here for the majority of my life
        - US: I've visited several times and I now live here
        - Australia: I lived three months there during an exchange program in highschool.

      I know I do not look too athletic, but I actually played several sports throughout my life.
      The sports I practiced the longest were Karate (I'm black belt, be aware), Horse Riding, and Swimming (I still prefer my fuschia tube though).
      I also tried artistic skating and dancing (really not for me), fencing and maybe other sports.
      Still, PE has always been one of my lowest grades, and "tanning-while-sleeping" remains the most practiced "sport".

      I believe trying differnent foods is part of the cultural exchange I like. It might sound like an excuse, but it is not (sure).
      Anyway, I like to go eat out in different places and try new foods, from all the different Asian cousines to Mexican, American, or Mediterranean.