CS 395T: Object Recognition

Guidelines for writing paper reviews


Being able to write a concise, analytical review of a paper is an important skill to have in your research career.You may also find that the process of writing about someone elseís work will help you distill its real significance (or lack thereof) more easily.Ideally, the review process will also help you learn how to improve your own writing, and prompt you to consider specific questions for future research.


When writing paper reviews for this class, please address the following points (in any order):


         Give a brief (2-3 sentences) summary of the paper.

         What appears to be the main contribution of the paper?

         What are the paperís primary strengths? weaknesses?(These may refer to both technical strategies and clarity.)

         How convincing are the experiments?If they appear lacking in some way, what would you suggest be tested?

         Are there any obvious (or non-obvious) ways this work could be extended?

         Any additional comments.