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Resources for Women in Computing/Graduate Women

National/International Resources (and good places to start)

Computing Research Association Committee on the Status of Women in Computing Research
    On the publications page:
       Graduate Student Information Guide
         Career Mentoring Workshops Booklet

Systers email lists (blurbs taken directly from CRA-W Resources website)  

Systers Electronic Mailing List: Private, unmoderated list to allow professional women in field of computing (including technical positions, industry, academia, or government) to discuss issues. Intended membership is technical female computer professionals and students.

Systers-out Mailing List: Private, unmoderated mailing list intended to allow professional lesbians and bisexual women in field of computing to discuss issues. List is women and computer scientists only. Send full name, computer affiliation and login to:

Systers-students Mailing List: Open to all female students studying computer science and related areas. If dealing with student related questions right now (i.e. applying to school), you are welcome to join. Systers-students is a branch-off of the systers list. Students are also welcome member to join systers-students. Send short introduction to:

Systers Academia Mailing List: Modeled after Systers.  More than 500 women are part of this moderated mailing list for graduate students and faculty women in CSE:

MentorNet is an award-winning nonprofit e-mentoring network that positively affects the retention and success of those in engineering, science and mathematics, particularly but not exclusively women and others underrepresented in these fields.

A community for women who like Linux, and for women and men who want to support women in computing.

Information on student bias towards women in their teaching roles:

Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing 2006 Notes Exchange:

Association for Women in Computing

ACM's Committee for Women in Computing

Anita Borg Institute for Women in Technology

Tips for a Massive Academic Job Search
Ellen Spertus's page about conducting an academic job search addresses the two-body problem.

Here at UT

Grad Student Moms:

In the Austin Area


Her Domain is an online community. As subscribers to the Her Domain email list, women in the Austin and surrounding areas help each other to find jobs, find employees, compare notes on their respective trades, and learn from each other in an unintimidating environment.
To encourage and support women who embrace the culture and technology of the Internet as a vehicle for creative and professional pursuits.