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Haocheng An

This is my website page.

About me

I am an undergraduate student pursuing Bachelor of Science in both Mathematics from Spring 2014 to Fall 2017 and Computer Science since Fall 2015.
I also pursue Master of Science in Computational Science, Engineering and Mathematics from Institute for Computational Engineering and Sciences in UT Austin since Fall 2017.
The CSEM part listed together with the CS program listed above constructs the CS/CSEM 5-year program.
I plan to finish all degrees by Spring 2019.

This is my personal website. In the Academica wise, my interest lies on data analysis.
In spring and summer 2016, I worked on condition number estimation under the supervision of Professor Robert A. van de Geijn.
The poster is here and report is here.

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Resume: here

In my spare time, I would like to work on something totally different(Due to the limit of disk space, the linked materials before are not available as of today).