Hieu Nguyen

I am currently a third-year student in the Computer Science program at University of Texas at Austin. I have a passion for coding, and I am interested in bringing techonology and real world problems together in order to enhancing quality of life and efficicency of business.

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I'm experienced in creating new business solutions for small companies. This semeester I am taking two CS classes, one of them is Principles of Computer Systems and the other is Object-Oriented Programming in C++.

Beside working on projects at school, I spend my free time reading about big data and exploring ways to solving real world problems with my skills and knowledge.

My Skills

Computer Networking

Set up local and remote network connections.

Business Foudndations

I have completed the Business Foundations Certificate Program to improve my interpersonal skills as well as my understanding about the business side of those appplications that I'm working on.


Java, html, C, C++, LISP, Visual Basic, and I'm willing to learn a new one in the near future.


I'm experienced in working with MS Access databases and processing data with MS Excel and other statistics software

My Work

This program simulates a service like Uber taxi. It connects your device to a map showing buildings, customers in those buildings, and players who try to pick up customers in those buildings. Your goal is to compete with other players to provide as much service as you can to the customers.
Implement a simple version of the game Mine Sweeper.
Set up and configure the security camera system of stores so that it can be controlled from a remote network connection.
Use MS Access to create a program for a jewelry store so that it can efficiently manage its transactions and inventory.