FMCAD 2012 Registration Fee Schedule

Early registration ends 30 September 2012
All prices in US Dollars

Registration Type
 IEEE/ACM Membership*
 Member $275
 Non-Member $300  $375
 Member  $175 $250
 Non-Member $200
Tutorials Only
 N/A $100

*by "member" we mean an active ACM or IEEE member.

To register, please click here. The footnotes of each page contain answers to questions we have anticipated, but please email Satnam Singh at for anything not addressed there. Unfortunately, regonline goes down sometimes. In this case, please try again later (sometimes one only need wait a few minutes).

The registration website will ask if you want to attend the tutorial day and this is aimed at people who wish to regiser for the conference and also attend the tutorial day (the cost is included in the registration). This will help us to plan for catering etc.

Extra banquet tickets may be purchased for $75 each. A printed copy of the proceedings costs $10. Both of these items can be selected during the registration process.

Official Cancellation Policy (exceptions may be made in extenuating circumstances):

  1. No cancellation fees before 30 September 2012. However, the creditcard holder is responsible for any credit card fees (if any occur) resulting from the transaction.
  2. A refund request received after 30 September 2012 and before October 1 is eligible for a full refund, minus $50.
  3. A refund request received on or after October 1 and before October 16 is eligible for a refund of 50% of the fees.
  4. There will be no refunds on or after October 16.
Cancellations occuring before 30 September 2012 can be made through the registration website. To cancel after 30 September 2012, please email Satnam Singh at