Recursion and Induction -- CS 389r -- Problem Assignments


     Unique Number:  52615
 Class Room Number:  Garrison Hall 0.132
	Class Time:  Tuesday, 4:00 to 7:00 pm

	Instructor:  Warren A. Hunt, Jr.
   Office Location:  Main 2014
      Office Hours:  Wednesday, 6:00 to 7:30 pm, or by appointment

     Co-Instructor:  Sandip Ray
   Office Location:  Main 2004
      Office Hours:  By appointment

Students are expected to solve assigned problems and be ready to present them to the class. Homework will sometimes be turned in for grading. You may discuss the problem assignments with your peers, but the end product must be your own work. We want you to learn from and with your peers, but we want each of you to be responsible for your own work.

Reading Assignments

Assignment 1 (August 31, 2010): Please read the following papers before the September 7 class. For the third paper, it is ok if you just skim it for now. We will look at ways of proving theorems with ACL2 more carefully in the next class.

Assignment 2 (September 7, 2010):

Assignment 3 (September 21, 2010): Read the following papers before the October 5 class.

Problem Assignments

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