Advanced Computer Architecture -- CS 350c -- Announcement


        Unique Number:  51160

           Instructor:  "Warren A. Hunt, Jr." <>
   Teaching Assistant:  "Ben Selfridge" <>

This course is concerns computer architecture, and specifically the memory system. The course involves the study of computer architecture by the study of the X86 family (produced and sold by AMD, Intel, and VIA). We will make use of the material in "Computer Systems, A Programmer's Perspective" (the CS429 textbook), particularly chapters 4 and 6. We will make use of Intel's specification for the X86. We will use materials readily available on web, such as the programming information available from Agner Fog: .

In addition to being a UTCS undergraduate student, the prerequisites are the successful completion of CS429 and CS439. Students will be expected to be able to write programs using the C-programming language, and students will be introduced to some Lisp programming.

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