Hangchen Yu

A pupil in systems

E-mail to me via hyu[at]cs[dot]utexas[dot]edu.

I’m a third-year Ph.D. student in Department of Computer Science, UT Austin. I gradated from Shanghai Jiao Tong University in 2014 with research experience in Machine Learning, Electromagnetics, Software-defined Networking and Distributed Computing. In the following year, I was a research assistant in IIoT Research Center and had a part-time job developing Git server. I spent 2016 summer on cloud in-memory storage systems with Cloud Storage Team at Google, 2017 summer on vCenter performance analysis with Performance Team at VMware, and 2018 summer on a Hyper-V project with Security and Privacy team at Microsoft Research.

Research Interest

I have wide interest in the following OS-related research areas:

  • Operating Systems, Distributed Computing & Systems, Virtualization, GPU

I worked on Linux memory systems in my first year. And my intern project (2016) at Google was about distributed in-memory storage systems. In VMware, my project was to monitor, analyze and improve the inter-service communications in VMware vCenter. The project in Mircosoft Research was to virtualize Intel Processor Trace for Hyper-V.

Vita & Resume