Former PhD Students
  1. Xinyu Wang PhD student (2014-2019), now Assistant Professor at the University of Michigan [PhD thesis]
  2. Jia Chen PhD student (2016-2019), now at Facebook [PhD thesis]
  3. Yu Feng , PhD student (2013-2018), now Assistant Professor at UC Santa Barbara. [PhD thesis]
  4. Navid Yaghmazadeh , PhD student (2015-2018), now at Oracle. [PhD thesis]
  5. Oswaldo Olivo, PhD student (2014-2017), co-advised with Calvin Lin, now at Microsoft. [PhD thesis]
Former Post-docs:
  1. Valentin Wuestholz Post-doctoral researcher (2015-2016), now at ETH Zurich
  2. Ruben Martins Post-doctoral researcher (2015-2017), now Research Scientist at CMU
Former MS Students:
  1. Arati Kaushik, MS student, now at Oracle [MS thesis]
Former Undergraduate Students
  1. Jacob Van Geffen, BS student (2014-2018), now PhD student at University of Washington [BS thesis]
  2. Chris Klinger, BS student (2015-2016), now at Max Planck Institute [BS thesis]