I really want this! But my dream is to be Secre
tary of Education one day! Here are the first
3 songs of HAMILTON! "Alexander Hamilton" [Aar
on Burr:] How does a bastard, orphan, son of a wh
ore and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a fo
rgotten Spot in the Caribbean by providence, impo
verished, in squalor Grow up to be a hero and a s
cholar? [John Laurens:] The ten-dollar Founding
Father without a father Got a lot farther by work
ing a lot harder By being a lot smarter By being
a self-starter By fourteen, they placed him in ch
arge of a trading charter [Thomas Jefferson:] An
d every day while slaves were being slaughtered a
nd carted Away across the waves, he struggled and
kept his guard up Inside, he was longing for som
ething to be a part of The brother was ready to b
eg, steal, borrow, or barter [James Madison:] Th
en a hurricane came, and devastation reigned Our
man saw his future drip, dripping down the drain
Put a pencil to his temple, connected it to his b
rain And he wrote his first refrain, a testament
to his pain [Burr:] Well, the word got around, t
hey said, "This kid is insane, man." Took up a co
llection just to send him to the mainland "Get yo
ur education, don't forget from whence you came,
and The world's gonna know your name. What's your
name, man?" [Alexander Hamilton:] Alexander Ham
ilton My name is Alexander Hamilton And there's a
million things I haven't done But just you wait,
just you wait... [Eliza Hamilton:] When he was
ten his father split, full of it, debt-ridden Two
years later, see Alex and his mother bed-ridden
Half-dead sittin' in their own sick, the scent th
ick [Full Company except Hamilton (whispering):]
And Alex got better but his mother went quick [
George Washington (Company):] Moved in with a cou
sin, the cousin committed suicide Left him with n
othin' but ruined pride, something new inside A v
oice saying, "Alex, you gotta fend for yourself."
He started retreatin' and readin' every treatise
on the shelf [Burr (Company):] There would've b
een nothin' left to do For someone less astute He
would've been dead or destitute Without a cent o
f restitution Started workin', clerkin' for his l
ate mother's landlord Tradin' sugar cane and rum
and all the things he can't afford Scammin' for e
very book he can get his hands on Plannin' for th
e future see him now as he stands on (ooh...) The
bow of a ship headed for a new land In New York
you can be a new man [Company (Hamilton):] In Ne
w York you can (just you wait) be a new man In Ne
w York you can (just you wait) be a new man In Ne
w York you can be a new man [Women:] In New York
[Men:] New York [Hamilton:] Just you wait! [Comp
any:] Alexander Hamilton (Alexander Hamilton) We
are waiting in the wings for you (waiting in the
wings for you) You could never back down You neve
r learned to take your time! Oh, Alexander Hamilt
on (Alexander Hamilton) When America sings for yo
u Will they know what you overcame? Will they kno
w you rewrote the game? The world will never be t
he same, oh [Burr:] The ship is in the harbor no
w See if you can spot him ([Men:] Just you wait)
Another immigrant Comin' up from the bottom ([Com
pany:] Just you wait) His enemies destroyed his r
ep America forgot him [Mulligan/Madison and Lafa
yette/Jefferson:] We fought with him [Laurens/Ph
ilip:] Me? I died for him [Washington:] Me? I tr
usted him [Eliza and Angelica and Peggy/Maria:]
Me? I loved him [Burr:] And me? I'm the damn foo
l that shot him [Company:] There's a million thi
ngs I haven't done But just you wait! [Burr:] Wh
at's your name, man? [Company:] Alexander Hamilt
on! [Hamilton:] I am not throwing away my shot!
I am not throwing away my shot! Hey yo, I'm just
like my country I'm young, scrappy and hungry And
I'm not throwing away my shot! I'mma get a schol
arship to King's College I prob'ly shouldn't brag
, but dang, I amaze and astonish The problem is I
got a lot of brains but no polish I gotta holler
just to be heard With every word, I drop knowled
ge! I'm a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of
coal Tryin' to reach my goal. My power of speech:
unimpeachable Only nineteen but my mind is older
These New York City streets get colder, I should
er Ev'ry burden, ev'ry disadvantage I have learne
d to manage, I don't have a gun to brandish I wal
k these streets famished The plan is to fan this
spark into a flame But damn, it's getting dark, s
o let me spell out the name I am the [Hamilton/L
afayette/Mulligan/Laurens:] A-L-E-X-A-N-D E-Rwe
are meant to be [Hamilton:] A colony that runs
independently Meanwhile, Britain keeps shittin' o
n us endlessly Essentially, they tax us relentles
sly Then King George turns around, runs a spendin
g spree He ain't ever gonna set his descendants f
ree So there will be a revolution in this century
Enter me! [Lafayette/Mulligan/Laurens:] (He say
s in parentheses) [Hamilton:] Don't be shocked w