Jia Chen

Office: GDC 5.728D, Univeristy of Texas at Austin



I have graduated! This page is no longer maintained. Please visit my new home page instead.


I do research in static program analysis.

My current research focus on relational verifications.

I am co-advised by Calvin Lin and Isil Dillig.


  • Singularity: Pattern Fuzzing for Worst Case Complexity. Jiayi Wei, Jia Chen, Yu Feng, Kostas Ferles, Isil Dillig. FSE'18
  • Precise Detection of Side-Channel Vulnerabilities using Quantitative Cartesian Hoare Logic. Jia Chen, Yu Feng, Isil Dillig. CCS'17.
  • Static Detection of Asymptotic Resource Side-Channel Vulnerabilities in Web Applications. Jia Chen, Oswaldo Olivo, Isil Dillig, Calvin Lin. ASE'17.

Teaching Activities

  • Instructor, UT CS105 Introduction to C++, Spring-Fall 2016
  • Teaching Assistant, UT CS380C Graduate Compiler, Spring 2015 (Award of Outstanding Teaching Assistant)
  • Teaching Assistant, UT CS345 Programming Language, Fall 2014
  • Teaching Assistant, UT CS429H Computer Organization and Architecture (Honor), Spring 2013

Other Projects

  • Infer static analyzer
    I had an internship with the Infer group at Facebook in Summer 2017. I mainly worked on the Infer C++ backend, including the stack variable address escape checker and the dangling pointer dereference checker.

  • CFL Alias Analysis for LLVM
    This is my Google Summer of Code 2016 project. Codes I wrote are directly committed in-tree.

  • Andersen's pointer analysis
    Andersen's inclusion-based pointer analysis re-implementation for LLVM.

  • Updated 8/10/2018