James Dong

GitHub: j-dong
Email: jamesdong@utexas.edu
Resume: resume.pdf

About Me

Nice to meet you. I am a student at the University of Texas at Austin studying computer science in the Turing Scholars program (class of 2021). I work with Professor Işıl Dillig as a member of the UToPiA research group.

Selected Works


Ignite screenshot

Ignite was created during the 2017 EGaDS Game Jam, with a theme of “trash”. I worked as director and lead developer of a team of 5.

Image Manipulation

Image Manipulation sample output

Image Manipulation was the first project in CS 314H, Data Structures and Algorithms. We implemented a variety of image filters and were encouraged to create our own afterwards.

Random Writer

Random Writer sample output image

Random Writer was the second project in CS 314H. We implemented random text generation using Markov chains. As a bonus assignment, I extended this to work with music and images.