Hello World! I'm Justin

I'm a Junior Computer Science student at The University of Texas at Austin
Here are some things of mine you might like to see

Here is my work experience

Test Automation Summer Internmore_vert
Test Automation Summer Internclose

I interned with Leidos at Johnson Space Center in Houston, Texas during the summer of 2017. I was as a member of the Integration and Test team where I wrote scripts to automate procedures for the testing of ISS command control software.

Undergraduate TAmore_vert
Undergraduate TA for CS 312close

I'm currently working as an undergraduate TA for Professor Clement's CS312 class where I teach a weekly discussion section, grade assignments, and assist the professor during lectures.

Summer Software Engineering Internmore_vert
Summer Software Engineering Intern at atLink Communicationsclose

The summer of 2015 I interned at AtLink Communications in Houston, Tx on a team of three developers where we developed a database, web app, and an Android application to display the locations of underground power and water lines on a map and through a 3d Augmented Reality camera overlay. As part of this project we had to determine the project requirements, produce a project plan and other documentation, set and stick to a project time-line, and present our application to members of the company at various stages of development.

and here are some cool things I have done

MusicHacks 2017more_vert
MusicHack 2017close

I ten hours a friend and I built a mobile game where one player uses a sound broad of crazy sound to recreate a sound and the reset of the players try and guess it.


Battlecode 2017more_vert
Website Updateclose

I lead a team called INSUFFICIENT DATA that competed in MIT's Battlecode contest. Battlecode is an AI programming contest where teams write scripts to control units in a game like simulation and then compete against scripts written by other teams on maps that neither team has seen before. We finished in the top 24 teams out of 1122 and were one very close match away from making it to finals.

Example Match


OOP Blogmore_vert
Object Oriented Programming Blogclose

A blog of my experiences taking CS371p Object Oriented Programming


Amazing Maze VRmore_vert
Website Updateclose

A two or more player VR game for the Oculus Rift created at HackTx 2016 where one player navigates a maze trying to collect keys and avoid guard dogs. The other players can see a top down overview of the maze and try to guide them but they can't see where the dogs are. I most of the creation of the game within unity and made the dog ai scrips that allow them to roam randomly around the maze and chace the player if he enters their line of sight.


Website Updatemore_vert
Website Updateclose

The new website design you are looking at right now. I made this using the Materialize CSS library so I could better show off some of the cool things I have done.

HTC Vive Shooter Game (WIP)more_vert
HTC Vive Shooter Game (WIP)close

My current project that I'm working on. It's a first person shooter game for the HTC VIVE where you teleport around an asteroid field trying to defend your space station for incoming drones and larger ships. My end goal is to release the game on Steam sometime early next year. The game is built using Unity and SteamVR.

Move Overmore_vert
Move Overclose

Move Over is a project created at IncubateHOU consisting of two applications. First responders use their version to send out their GPS coordinates to our Firebase-service database. This information data is then sent out to normal drivers with the application, and alerts drivers to nearby first responder vehicles they might not have noticed before. The app serves to be a secondary warning system that works to increase driver awareness on top of the ordinary lights and siren systems of first responders. I built the back end for both apps using Firebase and Geofire and implemented it in both apps. The app placed second at IncubateHOU and currently entered in the global incubateX competition.





Sushi Chef Simulator VRmore_vert
Sushi Chef Simulator VRclose

As a first experiment in VR development (and because I wanted to show of my game I wanted to show off my game but I didn't have access to two Myo arm bands) I modified Sushi Chef Simulator to run as a VR game for the HTC Vive and use Vive controllers instead of Myo arm bands.



Freshman Researchmore_vert
Freshman Researchclose

During the spring 2016 semester I was part of the Computational Materials stream of the Freshman Research initiative. In this stream we wrote software to analyze structures of antiparticles to find suable candidates for use in a lithium-air battery. My final independent research project I attempted to develop a method for finding new local minimum energies by scaling the structure of the nanoparticle. It didn't work well but you can read my final paper on it here.

Safe Wordmore_vert
Safe Wordclose

Safe Word is a Google Chrome extension that monitors the websites a user visits to alert them of security flaws; it catalogs insecure websites in a database with their violations. Safe Word was created by: Jack Baumann, Justin Hill, Patrick Edelen, Brian Richer, and Nicholas for HackDFW 2016.



Sushi Chef Simulatormore_vert
Sushi Chef Simulatorclose

A two player cooperative game created at HackUTD in Unity to take advantage of Myo arm bands as very accurate motion controllers. One player hits falling Whales with a Samurai sword as hard as he or she can to make them explode in sushi in giant fireballs. The second player then tries to catch the sushi before it fall into the ocean to score points. The game won an award for best weeb hack.




Debugged was made for the Spring 2016 Jolly Game Jam developed by Justin Hill, Vladislav Manoylo, Adam Chiang, Adan Briones, and Nate Redmond. In the game you must exploit bugs and glitches to navigate through levels. I implemented the basic game mechanics and did level design and construction. This was honestly one of the most fun games I have made since we got to try and intentionally make a game with lots of bugs.

Play It


Stock Talkmore_vert
Stock Talkclose

A a multi-player investment game created at HackRice Winter 2016 in which the stock prices of three tech giants (Google, Microsoft, and Facebook) are controlled by the positive and negative tweets each company receives. For each positive tweet the price of the stock rises, and for each negative tweet, it falls. The stock prices are controlled traditionally by supply and demand too, so the more people buy stock of one company, the higher that company's stock price rises. I implemented the sentiment analysis in python and also work on the web interface. For this project we won the PROS sponsor prize for Best multiplayer game featuring in-game purchases, where the price of items varies in real-time based on the behavior of other players.



PageRank CFBmore_vert
PageRank CFBclose

I tried using Markov Chains implemented in a similar way to Google's Page Rank algorithm to rank college football teams. Read more about it and see the rankings here.

Read more about it

Statistics in Cricket Mediamore_vert
Statistics in Cricket Mediaclose

I love leaning about things that I know nothing about. This is why I chose to take a class called "Cricket: Sports, Literature, Empire" for my required UGS class even though I had never watched a cricket game before. A major part of this class was a semester long research project we had to do. I did my on the history and role of statistics in crick media and you can read it and my refections on doing a semester long research project here.


Created for Code Red Liftoff at The University of Houston in 24h by Justin Hill, Brian Richer, and Kiu Lam. TwitLibs will parse a given twitter feed using the Stanford Natural Language Processing Library and convert the words in the tweets to parts of speech and then weight them based on how often they are used and use them to fill in a madlib. I was in charge of parsing the tweets, weighting the words, and generating the madlibs. I also created a short typing game in the last hour we had remaining.

Hacker Earth


Mega Star Boss Primemore_vert
Mega Star Boss Primeclose

A 1v3 couch game created in 28 hours by Paulo Alves, Ricardo Escobar, Justin Hill, and Matthew Stromberg for the 2015 Jolly Game Jam at The University of Texas at Austin. Three players work together to control a large boss ship while one tries to dodge lasers in a small ship. The large ship must hit the small ship with its mega-laser to destroy it but this requires all three players to work together to charge it. The boss ships movement is also determined cooperatively. This project was done in Unity and I was in charge of programming the game mechanics. The game features support for a variety of different controller inputs.



Code For Good Columbus, Ohiomore_vert
Code For Goodclose

I participated in the JPMoran Chase Code for Good event in Columbus, Ohio where I worked with four other college students from across the country and JPMoran Chase employees to develop and build ways for the Lebron James Family Foundation to better motivate and track the progress of high school students in Akron, Ohio. We used the Amazon Echo and AWS to create a system where students could use voice control to record and receive messages regarding their academic and social progress with their teachers and counselors.

My Websitemore_vert
My Websiteclose

The first version of my portfolio website. Prior to this I had little web development experience so this was very much a learning opportunity. The website was developed using only html, css, and javascript and the design was loosely based off of material design. Later I would remake it using the Materialize CSS library so the design would be simpler and more closely resemble true material design.


Volume Profile Schedulermore_vert
Volume Profile Schedulerclose

An android app created by myself and Jack Baumann at HackTx 2015 that allows the user to create volume profiles and schedule when they should take effect.



Hungry Planetmore_vert
Hungry Planetclose

Hungry Plant was created during the UT 2015 EGaDS Game Jam and is basically a 3d version of agar.io developed in Unity. I was in charge of implementing all the game mechanics.



HOUalert was created at the City of Houston Hackathon 2015. After experiencing a recent storm, and the subsequent pandemonium, we were inspired to create a system that would conglomerate all current emergency, weather, and public works data into a seamless and easy to use interface. Using the revolutionary ESRI mapping system, we were able to layer 311, Police, Fire, Weather, and Hurricane data, resulting in one map that accomplishes what previously took four. We were awarded a prize of the best use of ESRI technology. I was in charge of scraping data from various websites and writing parts of the Android code.




Words on Wordsmore_vert
Words on Wordsclose

Words On Words is a physics based word game I created and published on iOS and Android using Unity. The goal of the game is to drop letter blocks from the top of the screen in such a way that they land on other letter blocks to from words. The game contains over sixty unique levels as well as free play mode that each contain different types of blocks, letters, and objectives.

Play Store

App Store


Mythic Mazemore_vert
Mythic Mazeclose

Mythic Maze is a Tetris inspired game created in Java by Justin Hill, Richard Dong, Richard Wu, and Abhijeet Venkataraman for the 2014-2015 BPA Software Engineering Team contest. The game placed 4th at Nationals in Anaheim, California in May 2015. In the game players try to make paths between two points on a board by using Tetris shaped pieces that contain walls and open sides. Unlike the other two games where I did all the actual programing, during the development of Mythic Maze I split the programing work for this game with Richard Dong so I could work on Comet Reader at the same time.


Comet Readermore_vert
Comet Readerclose

Comet Reader is an Android RSS reader that I created for Business Professionals of America Mobile Applications contest during my senior year of high school. The project placed 6th at Nationals in Anaheim, CA.


Project Plan


Pyramid Plunderermore_vert
Pyramid Plundererclose

Pyramid Plunderer is a platformer that placed 4th at BPA Nationals Software Engineering Team in 2014 in Indianapolis, Indiana. The game was created by Justin (Team Lead, Code), Amir (Documentation Presentation), Mohit (Documentation), and Jeevan (Art). The game was programed from the ground up in Java over the course of six months. The highlight of this game was its randomization engine that allowed for essentially an infinite number of different weapons and levels to be generated.


The Last Promisemore_vert
The Last Promiseclose

The Last Promise is a top down turn based strategy game that placed 2nd at BPA Nationals Software Engineering Team in 2013 in Orlando, Florida. The game was created by Justin (Team Lead, Code), Amir (Documentation Presentation), Mohit (Art), and Jeevan (Documentation). The game was programed from the ground up in Java over the course of six months. The highlights of the game were its fully playable tutorial and story missions, variety of different computer controlled opponent behaviors, and its two distinct factions each with their own units and playstyle.