Graduate School

I have applied for eight top Computer Science Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) programs.
They are respectively Stanford, UCB, MIT, CMU, UIUC, UW, Cornell, and UT Austin.

The Institute for my Ph.D. Study in the field of Computer Science

Undergraduate Schools

My undergraduate career was a triple-A journey (Asia, Australia, and America).
This journey started from Beijing, transitted to Canberra, and then will be finalized in Austin.

The University of Texas at Austin

(August 2013 -- May 2015)

My senior year and super-senior year for bachelor degree was in College of Natural Sciences, The University of Texas At Austin.

Australian National University

(July 2012 -- June 2013)

My junior year began the CS study at the Australian National University. I obtained excellent coursework performance and became a member of the Computer Vision Research Group led by Prof. Stephen Gould.

Beijing Institute of Technology

(August 2010 -- June 2012)

My life of freshman and sophomore years were led in Beijing Institute of Technology, where I majored in Optical Electronics, at the College of Optoelectronics.

Work Experiences

Undergraduate Research Assistant at the University of Texas at Austin

I worked with Prof. Pradeep Ravikumar from Fall 2013 to Fall 2014.

President of Table Tennis Association at Beijing Institute Technology

I led the BIT Table Tennis Association and held two university-level table tennis championships.

Selected Awards

  • First Prize of dataHACK UT Challenge
    Team Members: Xin Lin, En-Hsu Yen, Kai Zhong, Hsing-Fu Yu.
    A twelve-hour predictive modelling case competition co-organized by UT Business School and USAA.
    [ Link | Code ]

  • Dean's List Scholarship
    A scholarship granted by College of Electrical and Computer Science at the Australian National University to students who obtain excellent coursework performance. I was awarded this scholarship as top one student within School of Computer Science.


  • Exemplar-Based Bayesian Nonparametrics as Convex Structural-Regularized Program.

    To appear in the International Conference of Machine Learning (ICML), 2015.
    [ Preprint | Appendix | Code ]


  • Neural Network: Multiagent Behaviors, Xin Lin and Barry Feigenbaum.
    Investigated the main topics of Multiagent Systems and presented in detail how reinforcement learning and neuroevolution can incorporate "advanced" multiagent behaviors like communication and coordination.
    [ Slides ]

  • Large Scale Optimization: Proximal Algorithm, Xin Lin and Taewan Kim.
    Articulated the key points of Proximal Algorithm lecture given in the course EE381V Large Scale Optimization.
    [ Scribe | Slides ]

  • Large Scale Optimization: Newton Method, Xin Lin, Vutha Va and David Inouye.
    Articulated the key points of Proximal Algorithm lecture given in the course EE381V Large Scale Optimization.
    [ Scribe | Slides ]

Teaching Assistantship

  • CS343 Artificial Intelligence, Fall 2014 @ UT Austin with Prof. Risto Miikkulainen.

  • CS361 Introduction to Computer Security, Summer 2014 @ UT Austin with Dr. Bill Young.


  • Hierarchical Multi-label Text Classification
  • Job Recommender system
  • Digit Recognition
  • Image Scene Understanding
  • Salient Object Detection
  • Bayou: Gossipping Algorithm
  • Paxos: Consensus Algorithm
  • Pintos: Simulated 80x86 OS


  • Machine Learning Summer School
    MLSS2014 @ CMU
  • Artificial Intelligence Honour
    CS343H @ UT Austin
  • Statistical Learning and Data Mining
    CS363D @ UT Austin
  • Probabilistic Graphical Models
    @ Coursera
  • Intro to Statistical Machine Learning
    COMP4670 @ ANU
  • Machine Learning
    @ Coursera
  • Distributed Computing
    CS371D @ UT Austin
  • Principle of Computer Systems
    CS439 @ UT Austin
  • Introduction to Computer System
    COMP2300 @ ANU
  • Algorithm and Complexity
    CS331 @ UT Austin
  • Theory of Computation
    COMP3600 @ ANU
  • Information Theory
    COMP2610 @ ANU
  • Formal Methods in Computer Engineering
    COMP2600 @ ANU
  • Relational Database
    COMP2400 @ ANU
  • Introduction to Advanced Computing
    COMP1140 @ ANU
  • Introduction to Software Systems
    COMP1110 @ ANU
  • C Programming
    @ BIT

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