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Jan S. Rellermeyer
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  W 2:30-4:30pm, GDC 5.430
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Discussion Sections:
50750 (Jacob) M 9-11am, WEL 3.260
50755 (Akshay) M 12-2pm, JGB 2.202
50760 (Jacob and Akshay) M 3-5pm, JES A215A
Alyssa Williams
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Jacob Robertson
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Akshay Kasukhela
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Overview: An introduction to low-level software abstractions with an emphasis on the connection of these abstractions to underlying computer hardware. Key abstractions include threads, dynamic memory allocation, protection, and IO. Requires writing of synchronized multithreaded programs.
Prerequisites: CS 429 or 429H with a grade of at least C-
Homework 10%
Two Midterm Exams 15% each
Final Exam 30%
Labs/Project 30%
This class uses the +/- grade scale.
  Midterm Exam 1: tentatively 9/30 (in class)
  Midterm Exam 2: tentatively 11/11 (in class)
  Final Exam: TBD (scheduled by the registrar)
Textbooks: Thomas Anderson and Mike Dahlin: Operating Systems: Principles and Practice (OSPP)
Randal E. Bryant and David R. O’Halloran: Computer Systems: A Programmer’s Perspective (CSPP)
Additional Information:
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Date Topic Additional Material Assignment
Wed 08/26/2015 Introduction and Motivation [slides] [project 1]
Mon 08/31/2015 Anatomy of an Operating System [slides] OSPP Chapter 1+2
Wed 09/02/2015 Anatomy of an Operating System continued.
Processes and Scheduling [slides]
[J. Liedtke: On μ-Kernel Construction ]
CSPP Chapter 7.4, OSPP Chapter 2

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