Julia Strout

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I am a second year masters student in computer science at UT Austin and am advised by Ray Mooney. I completed my B.S. in Computer Science from the University of South Carolina in 2017.


My main research interests are interpretability and fairness in deep learning. I am currently working on the DARPA Explainable AI project.

Anuran call classification with deep learning
Julia Strout, Bryce Rogan, S.M. Mahdi Seyednezhad, Katrina Smart, Mark Bush, Eraldo Ribeiro

Deep learning can be applied to classify audio recordings of frog calls in the wild.

Course Projects

Exploring Stereotypes and Biased Data with the Crowd
Zeyuan Hu, Julia Strout, 2018

The goal of this research was to contribute information about how useful the crowd can be at anticipating stereotypes that may be biasing a data set without a researcher's knowledge. It was a course project for Matt Lease's Human Computation and Crowdsourcing class in the Fall of 2018.