Karishma Patel

I am a sophomore Computer Science major studying at the University of Texas at Austin.

I am currently taking Operating Systems. In past semesters I have taken Computer Architecture, Data Structures, and Discrete Math.

I am currently looking for a summer internship!



USOUND App on Google Play
Created a project in Android Studio that lets the user build their own custom keyboard. The user can record a sound and save it to a specific key and then playback the sound on the keyboard screen. Multiple keys can be played at the same time allowing the user to create harmonies.

Get Fit!

Get Fit! Website
Used JavaScript, Html, and CSS to create a web app that generates a randomized workout or the user alloted time. Provides the ability to focus on one section of the body or combine different areas. Plays a motivational audio message every minute.

Valentine's Day Matchmaking Program

Coded a matchmaking program in Java in order to organize a fundraiser in which data was input from quizzes taken by classmates and results were sold to donate money to Mobile Loaves and Fishes.