A Few Short Remarks

  1. Welcome! I'm Matt Kaufmann. Larry Paulson sends his apologies for being unable to attend.
  2. Authors and session chairs have been asked to stick to the schedule: 28 minutes, including questions. (This leaves time for transitions and the occasional brief announcement.)
  3. Slides will be on the web, either on the program page (under FLoC) or via a link near the top of that page.
  4. Remote and laser pointer are available.
  5. Some info from the FLoC brochure:
    • (pages 48, 49) "All plenary and keynote talks will be held in the George Square (GS) Lecture Theatre...."
    • (page 8; map on page 50) FLoC social events: reception in the Edinburgh Castle tonight (19:00 - 22:00, showing World Cup Final) and banquet (Tuesday) at Our Dynamic Earth (arrive 19:00, dinner 20:00).
    • (page 15) Wifi, computer terminals available.
  6. Doc Cam is available
  7. The room is open all day (not locked)
  8. Tuesday walking tours: David Aspinall.