Analysis of Programs -- Honors (336H)

Instructor: Adam Klivans

Teaching Assistant: Chao Ruan. Email: rc1029 at gmail dot com.

Course meets Tuesday and Thursday at 2:00 PM in JES A303A

Office Hours: Wed from 10:30 to 12pm in ACES 2.440

Chao Ruan's Office Hours: Friday from 1:30-3pm in the ENS basement.

Course Description

This course focuses on discrete mathematical tools of fundamental importance to the working computer scientist.

Tentative Syllabus

Induction. 1 week

Graph Theory. 2 weeks

Set Theory and Number Theory, 3-4 weeks.

Intro to combinatorics. 2-3 weeks.

Discrete Probability and Applications. 2 weeks

Recurrence Relations. 1 week.

Program Correctness. 1 weeks.


Homework: 30%, 3 quizzes 35%, final exam 35%.


We will roughly follow chapters from Rosen's "Discrete Mathematics and Its Applications" (Sixth Edition). Several lectures, however, will be based on other sources (for example my own experience).

Homework Policy

You may work in groups of three, but you must write up the solutions to the homeworks yourself.

Course Calendar

Links to Additional Reading Material

Mathematics: A Very Short Introduction.

Additional Notes

Course material may vary depending on student interest.