• Interactive Digital Photomontage, Spring 2009
  • A system that combines several different pictures to an intended composite images. The implementation is based on a paper proposed by Aseem Agarwala et al. in SIGGRAPH 2004, using graph cut as the algorithm. Report(.pdf)

    Source Code(.rar)

  • 15-puzzle Optimal Solver, Fall 2008
  • A 15-puzzle optimal solution solver based on disjoint pattern database heuristic, proposed by Korf et al. in Artificial Intelligence 2002. slide(.ppt)

    Source Code(.rar)

  • JAVA2c-, Spring 2008
  • Implementation of a pretty-complete JAVA-like compiler with tool LEX and YACC. Source Code(.rar)

  • Foooooood!, Spring 2008
  • A semantic search engine for food-related articles (all in Chinese). The large-scale model is trainable by parallelization with Map-Reduce. The project also wins the honor for us to report in Google Taiwan.

    Search Engine


  • Run!Robot!, Fall 2007
  • Design an intelligent robot to compete with human controlled robot in a race. Video(.mpg)

  • Mr. Cockroach - automatic robot , Fall 2007
  • Using FPGA and wireless module to program a robot, making it turn left/right and move forward/backward. Video(.wmv)