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Who Are We?

We are a student organization at the University of Texas. We are focused on building the UT community by creating a learning environment for all students through our workshops, hack nights, conferences, and other awesome events. We want to build the next generation of successful developers, designers, and entrepreneurs.

How We Do It?


At the core of MAD's teaching are the weekly workshops that provide UT students with the ability to learn Android, iOS, Web Dev, and much more!

Hack Nights

Every month MAD hosts the opportunity for students to learn from their peers, work together on projects, and get mentorship from industry engineers at their special monthly Hack Nights.


The aim of the University of MAD (uMAD) is to provide an environment to learn, develop, and grow over one special weekend with a mixture of technical sessions taught by industry engineers, tech talks, and coding challenges.


We currently teach 3 main topics each week: Web Dev, Android, and iOS. In addition to our workshops, MAD hosts several Hack Nights and an annual developer conference called uMAD.
Here are our upcoming events:

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Here are some pictures from our weekly sessions, hack nights and uMAD!


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