Mobile App Development
Weekly Workshops
Interactive, classroom-style meetings are held every week where officers teach members the fundamentals of developing on each mobile platform. By attending weekly meetings, active members gain enough experience to develop their own mobile apps on their platform of choice. Oh yeah, there's no restriction on experience level! Learn More.
uMAD Conference
University of MAD (uMAD) is the first developers conference run entirely by students. uMAD is held every Spring and is intended to provide computer science students with a comprehensive overview of core mobile, web, and cloud technologies used in the industry everyday. The conference consists of in-depth technical training sessions led by professional... Learn More.
MAD Labs
MAD Labs is the creative arm of our organization and focuses on creating quality mobile apps for others. MAD Labs is a subset of the most technically experienced and passionate MAD members. Each Labs Member specializes in iOS, Android or web collaborate as teams. Currently, MAD Labs maintains the UTCS iOS and Android app... Learn More.