Marc Aldrich


PHONE: (512) 888-2930




Professional Skillsets

-Network Design and Maintenance

-Operating System Support

    1) Linux, Windows


    2) Currently Using:

        Java, JS, Python
         Basic Java (Procedural, Recursive, OOP)
         Java: Data Structs (Linked Lists, More Recursion)
         Java & Python: Project Euler (Math, Programming Challanges)
         JS/HTML5: Robot Remote Interface

    3) Used in past projects:

        Perl, PHP, HTML, C, C++, ASM

-Strong Work Ethic

    1) A culture of project completion regardless of obstacles was instilled by the USMC

    2) Finding creative solutions became a standard requirement while serving as a flight engineer due to the random nature of missions their setbacks


    1) Crew Chief Instructor

    2) Military and business leadership roles with direct management of 4-15 people

-Emergency Management

    1) Emergency services responder as Firefighter and EMT

    2) Developed the ability to efficiently resolve and troubleshoot technical issues in high stress   emergency situations during service as a Flight Engineer



-University Of Texas at Austin

    1) Presently a Junior  in pursuit of a BS in Computer Science

    2) Expected graduation in Summer 2016

 -Austin Community College

    1) Core classes to prepare for transfer to University of Texas

-University of Maryland – University College

    1) Previously enrolled in Computer Science Program

    2) Discontinued enrolment due to full time enrollment at Austin Community College

-O'Reilly School of Technology (ONLINE)

-Linux/Unix Administrator Certificate (Issued 2006)


Volunteer Service

-Manchaca Volunteer Fire Department

    1) Jan 2013-Present

    2) Certified as Firefighter II, EMT-B, Driver/Operator, Wildland Firefighter

 Responsibilities include serving community with emergency response services.


Work Experience

-Cothron's Security Solutions: Operations Manager

    1) Mar 2012-May 2013

    2) Managed 10-15 employees directly. Provided company financial reporting and analysis

 to include inventory management. Assisted as subject matter expert in network design

 and storage for customer security systems. Acted as technical support for all employees

 and sales staff troubleshooting customer systems in the field. Maintained and repaired all

 in-office databases, record keeping software, computer hardware and network

 equipment. Designed and implemented company network connecting four geographically

 separated offices with automated fail-over support and a cost savings over legacy

 network equipment.


-USMC: Systems Administrator & Assistant Security Officer

    1) Aug 2008-Mar 2012

    2) Responsibilities included account setup and management for more than 250 Marines in the

 squadron. Troubleshooting both hardware and software issues on the 100+ windows based

 workstations. Reviewing, implementing and supervising security procedures mandated by the

 USMC as well as assisting in the review and study of network and physical security of the squadron. Managing permissions and use of network storage. Acting as a liaison for the squadron to higher commands and contractors to procure, setup and maintain equipment.


-USMC: Flight Engineer KC-130T

   1) Aug 2008–Mar 2012

   2) Monitored all aircraft systems and operated aircraft system panels. Conducted pre-flight and post-flight inspections of the aircraft, supervised servicing functions and recorded discrepancies upon completion of flight. Repair and ensure aircraft readiness while on mission away from home station. Performed and instructed students in the duties of aircraft frame mechanic, aircraft power plants mechanic, and KC-130 flight mechanic. Provided guidance, management of crew and systems during emergency situations in flight. Participated in logistics planning and execution to include tactical flight planning, cargo load/unload, in-flight refueling and cargo/personnel drops.


-USMC: Crew Chief Instructor KC-130J

    1) Nov 2007–Aug 2008

    2) Trained and mentored Crew Chief students in the skills and knowledge needed to perform

 the duties required of a crew chief and a plane captain. Duties included managing the crew and

 aircraft during emergency conditions, preparing the aircraft for flight, post flight inspections of

 the aircraft and troubleshooting and repairing any malfunctioning systems.


-USMC: Crew Chief KC-130J

    1) Dec 2005–Nov 2007

    2) Fixed-Wing aircraft crew chiefs on the KC-130J are mission essential aircrew who perform

 duties incident to the operation and maintenance of the KC-130J aircraft. The majority of

 duties consist of crew personnel management during emergencies and in-flight systems

 management. Also of note is the responsibility of completing all maintenance functions while

 away from home base to include: component troubleshooting and replacement, fueling, pre-

 flight and post-flight inspections.


-USMC: Flight Mechanic KC-130F

    1) Apr 2005–Jun 2005

    2) Fixed-Wing aircraft flight mechanics on the KC-130F are mission essential aircrew who

 perform duties in relation to operation and maintenance of the KC-130 aircraft. An emphasis

 is placed on ground preparation of aircraft for safe flight and in flight emergency actions.



-Letter of Appreciation from Manchaca Volunteer Fire Department

    1) For completion of one year of active service

-Second Place – Network Security Contest (2013)

    1) Texas State network security competition

-Letter of Appreciation from Task Force Commander of Task Force Wolfpack

    1) For combat actions performed during Iraqi Freedom

-Flight Strike Awards

    1) Awarded for combat flight time of more than 700 hours

-Iraqi Freedom Campaign Medal

    1) Awarded twice for deployments in Iraq