Practical SAT Solving -- CS 395t -- Syllabus


     Unique Number:  53724
 Class Room Number:  CLA 0.124 (Map)
	Class Time:  Monday, 4:00 to 7:00 pm

       Instructors:  Marijn Heule & Warren A. Hunt, Jr.
   Office Location:  GDC S7.714 & GDC S7.818
      Office Hours:  Thursday, 4:00 to 6:00 pm

This course concerns itself with the study satisfiability (SAT) solving. This course will be broken into several parts. We will first learn something about SAT. Secondly, we will investigate some papers describing current research techniques in this area. And thirdly, students will be asked to pursue a research investigation related to this topic.

Below is an approximate syllabus for the class. We will adjust the content to suit our pace and the interests of the class.

   Jan 14  Introduction -- Satisfiability Solving and its Applications
   Jan 21  Conflict-Driven Clause-Learing SAT Solvers
   Jan 28  Look-ahead SAT Solvers

   Feb  4  Local-Search Techniques
   Feb 11  Pre-Processing Techniques
   Feb 18  Short Presentations about Student Assignments
   Feb 25  Student Presentations on Papers that concern their Assignments

   Mar  4  Discussion of Student Work Plans
   Mar 11  UT Spring Break -- no class
   Mar 18  Status Reports on Student Progress, Reserach Presentations
   Mar 25  Status Reports on Student Progress, Reserach Presentations

   Apr  1  Status Reports on Student Progress, Reserach Presentations
   Apr  8  Status Reports on Student Progress, Reserach Presentations
   Apr 15  Draft of Final Report Due
   Apr 22  Presentations by Students
   Apr 29  Final Report Due, Presentations by Students

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