Matthew Trahan

The University of Texas at Austin

Computer Science Student at The University of Texas at Austin
Class of 2017

Fantasy Mock Drafter

In order to challenge myself, as well as entertain myself, I decided to make a mock drafter for fantasy sports. The program picks an optimized team based on past and future performance. If there is a large expected decline in performance, the program tends to shy away from that player. The program also gives the user option to pick draft slot, and enable a bias towards favorite players or teams.

Mission Capital

I am working with Mission Capital in Austin, TX to analyze their hardware and create an analytical look at that data. My role is essentially a consultant in helping the non-profit by recommending any technology decisions based on a cost/benfit relationship. I am also acting as a security consultant to identify any possible concerns across the software that the company uses.


In this infamous project, I programmed a simple operating system. Across the semester, I implemented priority scheduling and priority donation for threads, set up the infrastructure for user programs by setting up a stack and programming system calls. Beyond that, I also worked on virtual memory and file systems.

Huffman Coding

In this project, based on David Huffman's graduate project, I used a Huffman Tree (which is based off of a Binary Search Tree) to compress files (jpg, txt, bmp, etc) to much mdaller sizes. The tree kept track of characters and their frequency and assigned a code for that number to optimize the compression. A decompression algorithm was also programmed to retrieve the original file after it has been compressed.

Programming Languages

  • Proficiency in Java
  • Intermediate in Python
  • Intermediate in C
  • Intermediate in HTML/CSS
  • Exposure to C++
  • Exposure to SQL


  • Well-versed with Linux
  • Well-versed with MS Office
  • Well-versed with Windows
  • Well-versed with Mac OS
  • Comfortable with XCode
  • Comfortable with Git


  • Information Security
  • Data Mining
  • Data Analytics
  • Web Development
  • Artifical Intelligence
  • Mobile Development