Some of my Rock Photography

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Folded quartz vein in graphite-quartz phyllite, Llano County, Texas.

Folded migmatitic gneiss, Burnet County, Texas.

Granite dike cutting migmatitic gneiss and a granite sill, Burnet County, Texas.

Interesting granite dike in gneiss, Llano County, Texas.

Tuff on the slopes of La Peña de Bernal in Querétaro, México.

Calcite filled vug in limestone, Mason County, Texas.

Contact between the Hensell and Comanche Peak formations,
Mason County, Texas.

Microcline phenocryst in the Town Mountain Grainte, Mason County, Texas.

Cave formations and a cricket in an unnamed cave, San Saba County, Texas.

Coarse granite dike in a finer area of the Town Mountain Granite, Llano County, Texas.

Chert nodules in limestone, San Saba County, Texas.

Partial crinoid fossil in limestone, San Saba County, Texas.

Delta Lake and the Grand Teton, Teton County, Wyoming.

Quartz veins in basalt, Monterey County, California.

Cliffs Along Wallace Creek, San Saba County, Texas.

Another unnamed cave, San Saba County, Texas.

Alluvial fan from the air, somewhere over Nevada.

Human driven subsidence in Celaya, Guanajuato, México.