Code Lab Problems (Due 19 Sep 2013, 11 PM)

Use the Code Lab Access Code to register for your account at this Code Lab site. If you have already done so, ignore this step.

After you have registered, login to the Code Lab site and work through the problems assigned from Chapter 1. Do not re-register, at this site if you have already done so.

There is a mix of numerical and fill in the blank type problems. Code Lab is picky about the words that are used in the fill in the blank problems. Try a few synonyms that come to mind. If they do not work out, do NOT stress over that problem. Continue with the other problems. Missing one or two problems is part of the learning process and should not hurt your grade.

You may try the problems as many times as you like. There is no negative grading and you do not have to submit anything. As long as you used your actual name to register we will be able to identify you.