Coding Bat Related Recursion Exercises (Due 06 Nov 2013)

These problems are taken from the Java Section of Coding Bat but modified for Python. You will have to download the program and fill in the header. Remove the .txt extension. That extension is there because some browsers may not allow you to download executable files.

For each function that you wish to write, remove the comment symbol (#). Write your code and test it on the command line. Supposing the function you wrote was factorial. Then you will execute the following command:

python3 factorial
You do that for every function that you write. Do not modify the functions that have not been assigned.

We will be doing several of these problems in class and you may use their solutions. I would like you to do the following problems:

You must use the turnin system to submit the file as you would with your regular programming assignments. The proctors should see this file on the turnin system by Wednesday, 06 November 2013, 11 PM. There are no time extensions to the Coding Bat tutorial exercises.