Superman Logo (Due 01 Feb 2013)

You will write a program that will print the Superman Logo exactly as given below. The logo will be preceded by one empty line on the top and there will also be one empty line at the bottom. The left most star in the logo will start 5 spaces from the left margin.

       ** $$         $$ $ **
      ** $$           $$$  **
     ** $$$                 **
      *$$$$$$$$$           **
       *$$$$$$$$$$$$$$    **
         **      $$$$$$$**
          **         $$**
           **$$$    $$**
             **     **
              **   **
               ** **

The class you will be writing will be called Logo. Run your program on the command line. The file that you will be submitting will be called



  Student Name:

  Student UT EID:

  Course Name: CS 312

  Unique Number: 

  Date Created:

  Date Last Modified:


You have to have a CS account to use the turnin system. Use the link below to create one:

Do remember your CS username and CS password that you created. You must use that on the CS turnin system. To protect your privacy neither I nor my TAs have access to your account. If you forget your password you can change your password at

If you are still having problems with your account, you can e-mail and copy me on that e-mail.

You will follow the standard Java Coding Conventions. You can either view the HTML page or download the PDF or Postscript and print it out. There is a modification that I would like to make to the standard coding conventions. Please align the opening and closing braces vertically so that you can easily make out the blocks of code. For example:

Do this:
if ( x > 5 )
  a = b + c;

Not this:
if ( x > 5 ) {
  a = b + c;

Use the turnin program to submit your .java file. We should receive your work by 11 PM on Friday, 01 Feb 2013. There will be substantial penalties if you do not adhere to the guidelines.