Lab 6: Cannon Game App ( Due 01 Mar 2013 )

The purpose of this lab is to design an Android App that will allow the user to play a more challenging game - to destroy a seven piece target within a ten-second time limit. The game has four components - a cannon, a cannonball, a target, and a blocker that defends the target. The user aims the cannon by touching the screen - the cannon aims at the touched point. The cannon then fires a cannonball by double-tapping the screen. At the end of the game, the app displays an AlertDialog indicating whether the user won or lost, the number of shots fired and the elapsed time. With this app you will be learning the following technologies on the Android platform:

Realize that the instructions in the book is for an older version of eclipse and android api. One of the challenges that you will have to face is to map the older features mentioned in the instructions to the newer features of both eclipse and the android platform.

After you finish, please demonstrate to Tong Zhao what you have achieved. You will then write a report that will have the following format

  Lab 6: Cannon Game App


  Students' Names:

  Techniques Learned in the Lab:

  Problems Encountered:

  Solutions to those Problems:

  Enhancements to the Lab:

The enhancements should not be suggestions on the instructions in the lab but how to use the techniques learned in extending the functionalities of the app.

The report will be a Microsoft Word document called Lab_6.doc. You will submit the document through the turnin system by 11 pm Friday, 01 Mar 2013. There needs to be just one copy of the report for each pair of students.

You will also post on Piazza the last three items in your report - Problems, Solutions, and Enchancements by the above deadline.

Penalties: There will be a 10% late penalty per day if the report is not turned in by the deadline. After three days we will not accept the lab report. We will give you 1 class day grace period for showing the execution of your program to Tong Zhao. After the grace period there will be a late penalty of 10% for the next class period that you show the execution of your lab to Tong Zhao. After that we will not accept your lab.