Assignments ( Due 03 May 2013 )

In each of the labs that we have done so far, you have implemented code that was provided for you. In the assignments, for each lab you will be making simple enhancements to show that you have understood and mastered the technologies presented.

Assignment 2 (Lab 2: Welcome App) Create a Scrapbook App that has four images of famous landmarks. Arrange the images in a collage. Add text that identifies each landmark.

Assignment 3 (Lab 3: Tip Calculator App) Create a Body Mass Index Calculator App that allows the user to enter their weight in pounds and height in inches and displays the user's body mass index.

BMI =  weightInPounds * 703 / ( heightInInches * heightInInches )
The app should also display the following information from the Department of Health and Human Services for the BMI values:

Assignment 4 (Lab 4: Favorite Twitter App) Investigate the Flickr ( search mechanism, then reimplement the Favorite Twitter Searches app as a Favorite Flickr Searches app.

Assignment 5 (Lab 5: Flag Quiz Game App) Create a Road Sign Quiz App that tests the user's knowledge of road signs. Check out the traffic sign images and information. Your app should display a random sign image and ask the user to select the sign name. If you do not like road signs you may use famous land marks or people and create a quiz that tests the user's knowledge of the country or person.

Assignment 6 (Lab 6: Cannon Game App) Create a Bouncing Ball Game App in which the user's goal is to prevent a bouncing ball from falling off the bottom of the screen. When the user presses the start button, a ball bounces off the top, left, and right sides ("the walls") of the screen. A horizontal bar on the bottom of the screen serves as a paddle to prevent the ball from hitting the bottom of the screen. The ball can bounce off the paddle, but not the bottom of the screen. Allow the user to drag the paddle left and right. If the ball hits the paddle, it bounces up, and the game continues. If the ball hits the bottom, the game ends. Decrease the paddle's width every 20 seconds and increase the speed of the ball to make the game more challenging.

Assignment 7 (Lab 7: SpotOn Game App) Create a Speed Touch Game App in which the numbers 1 through 16 are displayed in random order in a four-by-four grid and place a timer at the top of the screen and a Start button at the bottom of the screen. When the user touches the Start button, the timer begins. The goal of the game is to tap the 16 numbers in the proper order as quickly as possible. The timer should stop when the numbers have been touched in the correct order and the last number is touched.

Assignment 8 (Lab 8: Doodlz App) Create a Word Search App that is a grid of letters that fills the screen. Hidden in the grid should be at least ten words. The words may be horizontal, vertical or diagonal and may read forwards or backwards. Allow the user to highlight the words by dragging a finger across the letters on the screen or tapping each letter of the word. Include a timer. The less time it takes the user to complete the game, the higher the score.

Assignment 9 (Lab 9: Address Book App) Create a Shopping List App that allows the user to enter and edit a shopping list. Optional: include a favorites feature that allows the user to easily add items purchased frequently and a feature to input a price for each item and a quantity so the user can track the total cost of all the items in the list.

Assignment 10 (Lab 10: Route Tracker App) Create a Location Based Ringer App that uses location based services to turn your ringer to silent or vibrate. If the app determines that you are at work or at a theater it will automatically switch the ringer to vibrate. Enable the user to save favorite locations and to indicate whether the phone should ring or vibrate for each location.

Assignment 11 (Lab 11: Slideshow App) Create a Scrolling Image Marquee App that scrolls a series of images across a marquee in a continuous loop.

Assignment 12 (Lab 12: Weather Viewer App) Create Word Scramble Game App that uses an online dictionary's web services to select the words and the definitions that are used for hints. The app scrambles the letters of the word and asks the user to enter the correct word or phrase. Add a timer function that gives the user a limited amount of time to answer. Include levels (four-, five-, six-, and seven-letter words). Give the definition of the word as a hint.

You will be doing a subset of 6 assignments. Your choices are:

  1. Assignment 2
  2. Assignment 3 or 4
  3. Assignment 5 or 6
  4. Assignment 7 or 8
  5. Assignment 9 or 10
  6. Assignment 11 or 13
You will pace your self to finish the assignments by the end of the semester. Do NOT ask for an extension.

After you finish each assignment, please demonstrate to Tong Zhao what you have achieved. You will then write a report that will have the following format

  Assignment n: 


  Students' Names:

  Techniques Learned in the Assignment:

  Problems Encountered:

  Solutions to those Problems:

  Enhancements to the Assignment:

The enhancements should be techniques to extend the functionalities of the app.

The report will be a Microsoft Word document called Assignment_n.doc. You will submit the document through the turnin system by 11 pm Friday, 03 May 2013. There needs to be just one copy of the report for each pair of students.

You will also post on Piazza the last three items in your report - Problems, Solutions, and Enchancements by the above deadline.