Project Presentation (13 May 2013)

You should have finished, submitted, and have your project app reviewed by your class mates before Monday, 13 May 2013. The presentation will be in CLA 1.104 from 2 pm to 5 pm. There will be plenty of time for each group to describe and present the app that they have developed.

Here is the grading criteria for the project. The total points is 100.

TA Office Hours

Tong Zhao will be holding office hours next week on Monday (6 May), Wednesday (8 May), and Friday (10 May) in GDC 1.302 from 1 pm to 3 pm. You must set up a time with him via e-mail to come and demonstrate the finished version of your app. This private demonstration must be done before your presentation on Monday, 13 May 2013.

App Presentation

You will get ~10 minutes to present your app and you will take 2 to 3 questions at the end of your presentation. Your presentation will describe the app, what technical features that you have incorporated, and a demonstration of the app. We expect that you will have slides or handouts for your presentation. The judging criterion will be the professional manner in which you make your presentation. All members of the group must speak.

App Reviews

You must review at least 3 apps developed by your class mates. You can solicit your class mates to review your app either through Piazza or in person during class time. Here are some questions that you might want to answer in your review:

Your review must be constructive. Collect all three reviews and send them to me and Tong in a single text file. Please do not send separate files. You may also want to send your review to the group whose app it was.

App Submission

The final version of your app must be zipped with the ReadMe file and submitted through the turnin system by 11 pm, Monday 13 May 2013.