Register for Courses

Brief Description

This use case allows a Student to register for course offerings in the current semester. The Student can also update or delete course selections if changes are made within the add/drop period at the beginning of the semester. The Course Catalog System provides a list of all the course offerings for the current semester.

Basic Flow

This use case starts when a Student wishes to register for course offerings, or to change his/her existing course schedule.
  1. The system requests that the Student specify the function he/she would like to perform (either Create a Schedule, Update a Schedule, or Delete a Schedule).
  2. Once the Student provides the requested information, one of the subflows is executed.
Create a Schedule
  1. The system retrieves a list of available course offerings from the Course Catalog System and displays the list to the Student.
  2. The Student selects 4 primary course offerings and 2 alternate course offerings from the list of available offerings.
  3. Once the student has made his/her selections, the system creates a schedule for the Student containing the selected course offerings.
  4. The Submit Schedule subflow is executed.
Submit Schedule
For each selected course offering on the schedule, not already marked as "enrolled in", the system verifies that the Student has the necessary prerequisites, that the course offering is open, and that there are no schedule conflicts. The system then adds the Student to the selected course offering. The course offering is marked as "enrolled in" in the schedule.

The schedule is saved in the system.

Alternative Flows

Unfulfilled Prerequisites, Course Full, or Schedule Conflicts
If in the Submit Schedule sub-flow the system determines that the Student has not satisfied the necessary prerequisites, or that the selected course offering is full, or that there are schedule conflicts, an error message is displayed. The Student can either select a different course offering and the use case continues, or the Student can cancel the operation at which point the Basic Flow is re-started at the beginning.


The Student must be logged onto the system before this use case begins.


If the use case was successful, the student schedule is created, updated, or deleted. Otherwise, the system state is unchanged.