Sparse Matrices ( Due 05 Apr 2014 )

There are lots of situations where you will have to use a sparse matrix. We have developed a representation of sparse matrices in class. You will complete the implementation and run the test cases.

The first program that you will complete is The program is almost complete. You will implement the __str__() function that will return a 2-D representation of the matrix with the numbers in neat columns right justified.

In the you will do similar implementations.

The tests for both the programs are similar. You may always write other auxiliary or helper functions if you need them.

For both the programs you will the use the same test cases from the file matrix.txt. But your programs should be general enough to handle matrices of any size.

Use the turnin program to submit the two files -, and You may work with a partner on this assignment. Both of you will need to submit your code. We should receive your work by 11 PM on Saturday, 05 Apr 2014. The student assistant in charge of this assignment is Devin Sandhu ( There will be substantial penalties if you do not adhere to the guidelines.