Contemporary Abstract Random Recursive Art ( Due 07 Mar 2014 )

Study these examples of abstract art by Piet Mondrian. You will notice that most of his abstract paintings are nested squares or rectangles. He uses primary colors like red, blue, and yellow and preponderance of white or shades of white with thick black lines.

In this assignment you will write a program that will produce images in the style of Mondrian using recursion. Study the code on Fractals to see how to draw recursive figures. Choose a drawing area of 800 pixels by 800 pixels. Prompt the user to enter the level of recursion between the bounds of 1 and 6.

Your sample output session will look as follows:

Mondrian Composition

Enter a level of recursion between 1 and 6: 4 
Recursion level 0 is a blank canvas. Level 1 has a single line running through the canvas, dividing the canvas into two rectangles. Level 2 has three lines on the canvas, dividing it into four rectangles.

The file that you will be turning in will be called The file will have a header of the following form:

#  File:

#  Description:

#  Student's Name:

#  Student's UT EID:

#  Course Name: CS 313E 

#  Unique Number: 53580

#  Date Created:

#  Date Last Modified:

Use the turnin program to submit your file. We should receive your work by 11 PM on Friday, 07 March 2014. We will be looking for clean logic and good documentation. There will be substantial penalties if you do not adhere to the guidelines. The student assistant in charge of this assignment is Daniel Monroy (