UTCS Connecting Language Acquisition with Machine Perception
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Fall 2016 Meeting Time & Place

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Scheduled Meetings

11/21/2017 11:00AM GDC 3.816 S. Palazzo, C. Spampinato, I.Kavasidis, D. Giordano
Generative Adversarial Networks Conditioned by Brain Signals, ICCV, 2017


* Future meetings subject to rearrangement.

* Please send in suggestions for new papers to discuss, or vote for a paper from the currently proposed papers.

Past Meetings

11/07/2017 11:00AM GDC 3.816 Ishan Misra, Abhinav Gupta, and Martial Hebert
From Red Wine to Red Tomato: Composition with Context, CVPR, 2017
10/24/2017 11:00AM GDC 3.816 Scott L. Fairhall and Alfonso Caramazza
Brain Regions That Represent Amodal Conceptual Knowledge, The Journal of Neuroscience, 2013
09/26/2017 11:00AM GDC 3.816 Dong Huk Park, Lisa Anne Hendricks, Zeynep Akata, Bernt Schiele, Trevor Darrell, and Marcus Rohrbach
Attentive Explanations: Justifying Decisions and Pointing to the Evidence, arXiv
09/12/2017 11:00AM GDC 3.816 Maxwell Forbes and Yejin Choi
VERB PHYSICS: Relative Physical Knowledge of Actions and Objects, ACL 2017

* For older discussions, see Previous Discussions

If you find a certain paper interesting and would like to recommend reading, please feel free to let us know during the meeting or e-mail Jesse Thomason.

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