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Fall 2014 Meeting Time & Place

We will be meeting every other Wednesday at 10am in GDC 3.516

Scheduled Meetings

Date Time PlacePaper
Wed, Sept 24, 2014 11am GDC 3.516 Jeffrey Flanigan, Sam Thomson, Jaime Carbonell, Chris Dyer, and Noah A. Smith. A Discriminative Graph-Based Parser for the Abstract Meaning Representation. ACL 2014 (pdf)   [Dan]
Wed, Oct 10, 2014 11am GDC 3.516 Omer Levy and Yoav Goldberg. Neural Word Embeddings as Implicit Matrix Factorization. NIPS 2014 (pdf)   [Stephen]

* Please send in suggestions for new papers to discuss, or vote for a paper from the currently proposed papers.




Proposed Readings


William Blacoe, Elham Kashefi, and Mirella Lapata. A Quantum-Theoretic Approach to Distributional Semantics. NAACL, 2013 (pdf)
(4 points: 5 up, 1 down)

Danqi Chen, Richard Socher, Christopher D. Manning, Andrew Y. Ng. Learning New Facts From Knowledge Bases With Neural Tensor Networks and Semantic Word Vectors. , 2013 (pdf)
(4 points: 5 up, 1 down)

Max M. Louwerse and Rolf A. Zwaan. Language Encodes Geographical Information. Cognitive Science, 2009 (pdf)
(4 points: 4 up, 0 down)

Peter D. Turney. Domain and function: A dual-space model of semantic relations and compositions. JAIR, 2012 (pdf)
(3 points: 3 up, 0 down)

Gabor Angeli, Christopher Manning, and Daniel Jurafsky. Parsing Time: Learning to Interpret Time Expressions. NAACL, 2012 (pdf)
(3 points: 3 up, 0 down)

Karl Moritz Hermann and Phil Blunsom. The role of syntax in vector space models of compositional semantics. ACL, 2013 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

Veselin Stoyanov and Jason Eisner. Minimum-Risk Training of Approximate CRF-Based NLP Systems. NAACL, 2012 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

Diarmuid O'Seaghda and Anna Korhonen. Probabilistic models of similarity in syntactic context. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(2 points: 2 up, 0 down)

. Computational Linguistics (March 2013): Special Issue on Parsing Morphologically Rich Languages. Compuatational Lingustics, 2013 (url)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Ann Copestake and Aurelie Herbelot. Lexicalised compositionality. Unpublished draft, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Geoffrey Zweig, John C. Platt, Christopher Meek, Christopher J. C. Burges, Ainur Yessenalina, and Qiang Liu. Computational Approaches to Sentence Completion. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Nicholas Andrews, Jason Eisner, and Mark Dredze. Name Phylogeny: A Generative Model of String Variation. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

Hartung, M. and Frank, A.. Exploring Supervised LDA Models for Assigning Attributes to Adjective-Noun Phrases. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(1 points: 1 up, 0 down)

James Henderson, Paola Merlo, Ivan Titov, and Gabriele Musillo. Multi-lingual Joint Parsing of Syntactic and Semantic Dependencies with a Latent Variable Model. Computational Linguistics, 2013 (url)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Adam Vogel, Max Bodoia, Christopher Potts, and Dan Jurafsky. Emergence of Gricean Maxims from Multi-Agent Decision Theory. NAACL, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Joo-Kyung Kim and Marie-Catherine de Marneffe. Deriving adjectival scales from continuous space word representations. EMNLP, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Eva Maria Vecchi, Roberto Zamparelli and Marco Baroni. Studying the recursive behaviour of adjectival modification with compositional distributional semantics. EMNLP, 2013 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Song Feng, Ritwik Banerjee and Yejin Choi. Characterizing Stylistic Elements in Syntactic Structure. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Jagadeesh Jagarlamudi and Hal Daume III. Regularized Interlingual Projections: Evaluation on Multilingual Transliteration. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Atsushi Fujita, Pierre Isabelle, and Roland Kuhn. Enlarging Paraphrase Collections through Generalization and Instantiation. EMNLP, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Michael Wick, Sameer Singh, and Andrew McCallum. A Discriminative Hierarchical Model for Fast Coreference at Large Scale. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Szymon Acedanski, Adam Slaski, and Adam Przepiorkowski. Machine Learning of Syntactic Attachment from Morphosyntactic and Semantic Co-occurrence Statistics. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Percy Liang, Michael I. Jordan, and Dan Klein. Learning Dependency-Based Compositional Semantics. ACL, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Kira Radinsky, Eugene Agichtein, Evgeniy Gabrilovich, and Shaul Markovitch. A Word at a Time: Computing Word Relatedness using Temporal Semantic Analysis. WWW, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Tom Kwiatkowski, Luke Zettlemoyer, Sharon Goldwater, and Mark Steedman. Lexical Generalization in CCG Grammar Induction for Semantic Parsing. EMNLP, 2011 (pdf)
(0 points: 0 up, 0 down)

Gozde Ozbal and Carlo Strapparava. A Computational Approach to the Automation of Creative Naming. ACL, 2012 (pdf)
(-1 points: 0 up, 1 down)

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