Using Turnin

To submit your project, first create a directory on a CS linux lab machine that contains your report, your solution trace files, and only the .java files that you have modified or created. You should make sure that by copying these files into a clean copy of the ir project, your code still compiles and runs; otherwise, you've forgotten something and your grade will be penalized.

Go to the parent directory and use the turnin program from a command prompt:

turnin --submit ccor proj# myProject
(where 'myProject' is the name of the directory where you have placed your files and # is 1 or 2)


  1. Turnin is located in /lusr/bin; if that directory is not in your path, then call it as /lusr/bin/turnin.
  2. If you submit the same filename twice, the second one will entirely overwrite the first one.
    So don't submit any updates after the due date, or we will never know that you submitted the first version on time.
  3. After submitting everything, you should make sure that all of your files were transmitted properly using turnin's list feature:
    turnin --list ?? proj#
  4. See the man page turnin(1) for more details:
    man -M /p/man turnin