Information on "turnin"
CS 371R: Intelligent Information Retrieval and Web Search

To submit your projects, use the turnin program from a command prompt on the Linux or Sun machines to submit to the TA. Example:

   turnin -submit jiho cs371r-proj# directoryName
Replace # with the project number (0-4). Omit the trailing '/' from your directoryName to avoid a turnin error.


  1. Turnin is located in /lusr/bin; if that directory is not in your path, then call it as /lusr/bin/turnin.
  2. If you submit the same directoryName twice, the second one will entirely overwrite the first one. So don't submit any updates after the due date, or we will never know that you submitted the first version on time.
  3. After submitting everything, you should make sure that all of your files were transmitted properly using turnin's list feature:
             turnin -list jiho cs371r-proj#
  4. See the man page turnin(1) for more details. You can look at the turnin manpage by using the following command:
            man turnin