how we know if include-book read the correct files
Major Section:  BOOKS

The certificate (see certificate for general information) of a certified file is divided into two parts, a portcullis and a keep. These names come from castle lore. The keep is the strongest and usually tallest tower of a castle from which the entire courtyard can be surveyed by the defenders. The keep of a book is a list of file names and check sums used after the book has been included, to determine if the files read were (up to check sum) those certified.

Once the portcullis is open, include-book can enter the book and read the event forms therein. The non-local event forms are in fact executed, extending the host theory. That may read in other books. When that has been finished, the keep of the certificate is inspected. The keep is a list of the book names which are included (hereditarily through all subbooks) in the certified book (including the certified book itself) together with the check sums of the objects in those books at the time of certification. We compare the check sums of the books just included to the check sums of the books stored in the keep. If differences are found then we know that the book or one of its subbooks has been changed since certification.

See include-book to continue the guided tour through books.