Foundation for the Advancement of Computational Logic
by the Taking Out of Fingers


In 1971, by the gift of an anonymous (he couldn't even remember his own name!) donor, an annual programming prize was set up, to be awarded to:

``...that person, or those persons, who, in the opinion of the Board of Trustees, shall have, in the given year, contributed the most valuable, beautiful, or just plain deep and satisfying, idea to the world in the area of actual writing of programs in computational logic, as opposed to simply waving hands and hoping things will work out all right on the night...'';

In 1971, the prize is award, by unanimous agreement of the Board, to

Robert S. Boyer
J Strother Moore
for their idea, explained in ``The Sharing of Structure in Resolution Programs'', of representing clauses as their own genesis. The board declared, on making the announcement of the award, that this idea is ``... bloody marvellous''.

Because of the state of the economy, and what with one thing and another, the prize this first year is somewhat less than it will be in future years.

J. A. Robinson

December 12, 1971