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profile.jpg Hello, my name is Matthew Rayermann. I am a junior at the University of Texas at Austin where I am pursuing a B.S. in Computer Science. I am from Grapevine, Texas, where I attended Grapevine High School. After creating programs on my TI-86 calculator, I began studying computer science during my sophomore year of high school. During my senior year I was teacher aide for the AP CS class, and during my junior and senior years I competed in BPA's Java Programming competition. During my junior year I went to the state level, and then during my senior year, I advanced to the national level whre I placed 5th in the nation.

Next semester I will be taking Object Oriented Programming, Big Data Programming, and Data Management. I am also an active member in various UT organizations including ACM, where I am the Vice President of Corporate Affairs, and The Longhorn Pep Band, where I play trombone at volleyball and basketball games.

Most recently in my personal time, I spent last spring semester creating a 2.0 version of a TBS Java game I originally created in high school. In this totally new version of the game, I have added true map making, AI opponents, and even commissioned professional art. I am also currently in the planning stages of creating a space themed text based MMO.

You can find more information about me and my other projects at my student homepage here: or at my GitHub here:

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